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Shares in Imagination Technologies has heightened more than 40%

Half-year results were well received by the market

Anadarko set an initial target of making $1bn in share purchases before the end of 2017

This was due to a better sales forecast for the Nintendo Switch game console

Company has given a weaker than expected forecast

Shares for Snap Inc. may come under pressure again and tumble as much as 20 per cent

Kingfisher half-year results makes it the largest DIY chain in Europe

Apple shares have taken a blow following problems with its new smartwatch

Adobe Systems have reported a better-than-expected quarterly revenue

The pound was down against the euro this morning, after dropping 0.04 per cent to 1.1286.

Keywords Studios watched its share price tumble after positive half-year results

Plans to develop new robot warehouses sends Ocado’s shares soaring

Break-up speculation drives GKN’s shares to a three-month high

Shares have heightened for Esure following sale news

Flight cancellations have an effect on the airlines shares